“Experience the REAL snow”

Sulmida introduces freshest snow ice originated from Korea.

Providing newest texture of snow ice with Healthy ingredients, customers enjoy well-being menus and brand atmosphere. We will stand in front introducing valuable brands and share our vision with all over the world.

'Sulmida' always offer the highest quality products with only the freshest ingredient and the best customer services. Every age and gender can enjoy the fresh cold desserts in one place to release the heat of the day. Not just the heat, the sweet medley of dessert will release the stress of the day as well and gives refreshing and happiness.

Our Delicious Desserts

Espresso Based Drink

We are passionate about ethically sourcing and blending only the finest Arabica coffee beans and roasting them with great care. Our passion for coffee is revealed only by our love of sharing it.

Bingsu - snow flakes desserts

Offer flavoured snow with variety toppings on top. The snow flake dessert is originate from Korea, name 'Bingsu'. The old-fashioned bingsu was just shaved ice with red bean paste and condensed milk. Nowadays snow flake dessert becomes a one of popular dessert in the world with their styles of topping.


Freshly made Honey Toast

Made with fresh fruits. Absolutely no artificial flavors. Our unique toppings and sauce will make toast texture more soft and tender

Snow Infusion

Snow infusion series are simply blend well with snow and fresh toppings together, just like a smoothie. The great mixture of blended drinks and toppings to enjoy the different texture in a cup. Use spoon to enjoy the toppings and cream and use straw to drink up the fresh flavors of smoothie.

Oriental. Natural. Simple. Cozy

Using color of white, ivory, black, and oak.

Represents of warmness and comport, just perfect place to be relax. We provide the cozy atmosphere to the customer.

Our design team express the place to be relax and healing place and all the age can spend great time with their family and friends in 'Sulmida' with wonderful menus and more.

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